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Thread: Article: What if the Twins do Nothing Today?

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    I have a different question for all the people hell bent on selling off all of the good valuable players for high-upside prospects. When has a selling team ever gotten prospects in return that have directly translated into success for that team a few years down the road?

    I did a quick scan of in-season trades from 2005-2009 and the only one that I saw that meets that criteria would be Texeira to the Braves for Andrus, Feliz, Harrison, and Saltalamacchia. But that's just one out of hundreds.

    I am with the group that thinks a couple quality starting pitchers makes us competitive next year. I would rather hold out hope that the FO makes that happen then see them sell off Willingham, Span, whoever and watch the team lose 100+ games for the next however many years while we wait for the prospects who don't amount to squat 99 times out of 100.

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    How do you get the starting pitchers, that's the $25MM question....

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    Regarding picking up starting pitching in the off season. Certainly the Brewers added 2 quality pitchers 2 years ago. The Phillies did something similar. The problem is having quality pitchers available. I don't see where the Edwin Jacksons of this world are any kind of answer. He is no better than a bottom of rotation guy being paid for his "potential" to be better.

    As I write this, the trading deadline is over and the Twins did not make a trade, except Liriano. That is probably ok. I thought they needed to add a solid starter last winter. Now they probably need to add 2. And probably figure out a way to keep Baker. I don't think anybody from the farm except perhaps Henriks figures to be a solid consistent starter any time real soon.

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    Twins do nothing...again

    It seems somewhat obvious that the Twins value their own talent more than the rest of the teams in the league. There were a large number of trades over the past 2-3 days so it isn't a matter that other teams are not trading. To further prove this, the team stuck with Liriano until he had little value to anyone else. In fact, they ended up choosing to trade him to a division rival. I currently live in Seattle and have watched the Mariners do much the same. Sign a few "fan friendly" players, spend a little more than prior to moving into the new stadium, make a few minor moves but do not address glaring weaknesses, market a perpetual future that never arrives but seem baffled why the team isn't competitive.

    We know a few things:

    1) there are no top of the rotation starters that are close to major leave ready.
    2) our highest upside starter is coming back from TJ surgery and will not be able to contribute 200 innings in a season until 2014 at the earliest and will not be established until 2015.
    3) Span and Willingham's contracts will be done prior to 2015.
    4) team has never been willing to pay market price and thus sign a top of the rotation free agent. (I do not fault them due to the contract length that is required in free agency)
    5) organizational depth is in the outfield.
    6) Willingham's value has never been higher in his entire career.

    It seems that this team wants to build to a .500 team and keep a few players (Span and Willingham) that will sell a few tickets in 2012 and possibly 2013. It may also be that they are afraid to trade major league talent for minor league talent that may miss badly. (Santana and Garza/Bartlett trades). We can say that these trades happened under Bill Smith but Terry Ryan was a special assistant and was most likely very involved in these trades behind the scenes. TR sold high on AJP but he did so from a position of strength and was able to save money to boot in this transaction. Do the same with Span and Willingham while they have high value and build for 2014 possibly.

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