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Thread: Article: Table-setters needed

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    Article: Table-setters needed

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    Great job. I remember (and REALLY wish I could find it again) some article early in the season last year that Gardy as saying something like "they tell me he has a good on base percentage . . ." I don't know who that was in reference to at all, but it is alarming that such a simple and dominant stat is treated by the manager as something that others have to tell him about. And one can see it throughout Gardy's lineups over the years. For instance, Joe Mauer is clearly the prototypical 2-hitter in many ways and should have been placed there for most of his career so far. This year is a thankful exception. Hudson was adequate through most of 2010, but Carroll might be the best since . . . . Knoblauch (?) when he batted second? When was the last time this team had 1 and 2 hitters with .350+ OBP???

    Span, Carroll, and Mauer are all great OBP players. Willingham should have a ton of RBI this year.

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