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Thread: Zumaya injured already!?

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    As Thrylos said, there are plenty of strong arms in camp who are better than any of the free agents left. I'd rather they give guys like Waldrop, Gutierrez and Others get a chance. Guys like Perdomo or Deduno could fill the role. We shall see.

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    Right now with Zumaya headed for T.J. surgery we need 4 spots filled in the bullpen. You honestly believe the people we brought in can fill those spots? Not one of them have a proven tack record for either M.L. success or for staying healthy. They would have a better chance of winning the lottery!!!

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    Regarding the Bullpen, it seems like last year all over again. How did that work out? Groundhog day?

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    Ryan was live on ESPN 1500 radio a bit ago (with Souhan, so there was a lot of directed negativity) and practically he did not say anything more. They are concerned and especially because of his history. Looks like the Twins will know the MRI results later today and they will probably go on twitter (with about 6 reporters in Ft Myers now) pretty fast I suspect.

    I did a little exercise and now that the notebooks are all posted, I was looking for quotes about Zumaya from the Twins and I think that it might be better than what we thought initially. If you care, I compiled that stuff and kinda came to a conclusion here.
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    Torn UCL. So many Zumaya memories...

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    1 writeup..... But confirmed done for 2012

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    Can't help but feel bad for Zumaya. If he would have been that would have been nice. Let's hope someone new can step up.

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    I feel awful for the dude himself, but we can stop talking about Zumaya pretty soon because he'll never play for the Twins, and probably will never play again. The guy was 100% green lighted and couldn't even make it through Spring Training. This was always the risk, and part of the reason that I felt like our bullpen was absolute garbage heading into 2012. Since 2009, they've basically deleted Nathan, Crain, Mijares, Guerrier, and Rauch without making any other significant additions (except retaining Capps, who isn't that good). You had to assume that Zumaya would get hurt, because he always has gotten hurt. So what does that leave you with?

    Many organizations have the ability to just promote from within and get new relievers, but the Twins CANNOT. When you don't believe in power arms for starting pitchers, then you don't even have the option of moving failed starters into the bullpen. Honestly, would you rather have Jamey Carroll for 3 million, or two or three of the relief pitchers on the market that signed for about 1-2 million?

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