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Thread: Update on Kyle Gibson

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    Update on Kyle Gibson

    Great news from Rhett Bollinger's blog this afternoon:

    Speaking of Tommy John surgery, Twins GM Terry Ryan shared some positive news about prospect Kyle Gibson, who had the surgery done on Sept. 7. Ryan said he expects Gibson to be back in action this summer, which means he’s recovering at a good rate considering most pitchers need about 12 months to come back after the surgery.

    “He’ll pitch this summer,” Ryan said. “I think we anticipate him pitching this summer. In fact, I don’t think, I know. It’s not anything different than the schedule.”

    Last I talked to Kyle, it was always within his timeline to pitch in 2012. This is the first time someone with the Twins has said anything to that effect.

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    Good to hear! Hopefully by the end of the year he has the confidence that the injury is behind him, and can come ready to contribute in 2013
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    Great to hear, with so many Twins pitchers eligible for free agency at the end of this season it is important that the Twins get Gibson healthy for the 2013 season. As Steve said, hopefully he can get some confidence that he is past the injury by the end of the year and be ready to contribute in 2013.

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    I was very excited when I saw these quotes about Gibson coming out. Hopefully everything continues to stay on track and he will be able to be ready for his debut in 2013.

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    With Pavano and Marquis gone, Liriano a free agent and Baker with a very expensive option, the Twins' rotation will look a lot different a year from now...
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    Quote Originally Posted by thrylos98 View Post
    With Pavano and Marquis gone, Liriano a free agent and Baker with a very expensive option, the Twins' rotation will look a lot different a year from now...
    I can't even imagine who will be picked up, and scraped up out of the discount bin.

    But I would anticipate Hendriks to have full shot at the rotation next year. Duensing/Diamond.

    Will need a horse,but stars are hard to come by. IF/when Morneau retires, that and some of this other $$ could be thrown at someone like Greinke?

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    Barring a horrible year, Baker should be back and Blackburn is still under contract. Hendriks, I think, we'll eventually earn a rotation spot this year. That's 3 spots.

    I could see the Twins bringing back Pavano on another one year deal if he makes it through this year reasonably well. Gibson would certainly get slotted in to debut sometime in 2013 although I think they'd still have him start the season at AAA. I'm not sure we'll ever be big FA players for a Grienke type guy. (-sigh-) Maybe Wimmers has a big year. Maybe our #2 pick, if it's a college guy, could jump in early in 2013. If none of that happens though, it could be a year of Swarzak, Doyle, Diamond like guys all getting 10-12 starts until the league figures them out and the next guy comes in.

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