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Thread: If there is a 3rd Catcher, Butera or Towles?

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    If there is a 3rd Catcher, Butera or Towles?

    If the Twins decide to carry three catchers, who will it be, Drew Butera or J.R. Towles? I am hoping it will be Towles if he can hit at all this spring.

    Defensively, they are very comparable.

    Offensively, Towles career BA is slightly better than Butera's (.187 to .178), his OPS is significantly better (.583 to .481) and his slugging % is better (.315 to .261). He's hit in the minors but hasn't been able to do it in the majors. Maybe the AL will be a better fit for him.


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    I suspect it would be Butera because Pavano likes to pitch to him. Not sure if the offensive numbers separate them enough.

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