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Thread: Article: Twins vs Indians, 08-07-2012, 6:05pm

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    I only caught bits of the game until the end but saw that Deduno only went 4.0 IP on 87 pitches. Yes, that's high/inning, but since no runs scored since the second on him, why wasn't he brought back for the 5 inning. Anyone?
    You had to see it to disbelieve how wildly both Deduno and Manship were throwing (Deduno 5 BB and 1HBP and Manship w/ 2 BB). In addition, Cleveland might have set a record for foul balls hit as they were swinging and making poor contact with virtually everything being thrown up there, bailing out Deduno and Manship and then wildly flailing and missing balls in the dirt and out of the strike zone (7 Ks for the duo). Gardy was less than diplomatic about their performance at the press conference (136 pitches over 6 I). It was nice to see Roberston restore some sanity to this crazy game over 2 innings, he was less than stellar, but fireman of the year by comparison to the first two Twins throwers. It's difficult to describe how bad the Twins were (2-15 RISP with 5 unearned runs scored out of 7) but by comparison how truly Godawful the Indians were, their few remaining fans are in near-revolt.
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    Thanks for supplying the information guys.
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