Darin Mastroianni hasn't shown that he is a capable 4th OF. Not in 100 ABs. He is great defensively, but his minor league track record is not exactly stellar. If it was, the Twins' wouldn't have stuck him at AA to start the year, and they wouldn't have wasted time with Clete Thomas and Eric Komatsu first. THAT is why the Blue Jays didn't care to keep him around. Because one dimensional players are a dime a dozen. He is playing way over his head right now, and if he can keep that up...if he's really turned a corner....then they've got something. Do people really think he's established himself as anything yet?

I don't care how many OF prospects they have coming up...they are still going to need a 4th OF, and they aren't going to bring the prospects up to sit on the bench 5 days a week. And having a decent 4th OF gives them a cushion for when they think about trading Span or Revere in the offseason. Let them see if Mastroanni is that. Otherwise, Revere has to be that. Or they need to get a newer version of Erik Komatsu. How exciting is that? Right now I'm sort of excited about the idea of a Parmalee/Mastroianni platoon next year in RF. What's wrong with that? If they are going to try putting any one in a harder position defensively, it should be Parmalee. If that's the case, then they need a defensive replacement there.....who could that be? Hey Mastroianni fits the bill perfectly, so far. Lets try that out!