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Thread: Twins outright Blackburn, Nishioka

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    Quote Originally Posted by snepp View Post
    If I didn't know better I'd think that today was my birthday.
    Don't have any more birthdays than you have to. Say if you didn't know any better you thought it was Christmas or Mardi Gras

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    I am hoping Nishi gets sold back to Japan, that could happen. Blackie will probably be in Rochester next year and I hope he is not called up again unless he is totalty burning up the league. Interesting question if this happens is should Bobby Cuellar be the Twins pitching coach as he seems to get more out of talent than Anderson. Blackburn will not walk away from 5.5 million, so any hopes of seeing him elsewhere next year should be forgotten.

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    I'll see you in hell Nick Blackburn!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DPJ View Post
    I'll see you in hell Nick Blackburn!!!
    Ha I thought you had abandoned the board and this awful squad. I came into this thread just to see what you wrote.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brock Beauchamp View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by sbknudson View Post
    So what happens with them next? The lead entry in the thread says they are being outrighted. I guess my only question is why are we even keeping them in the organization instead of releasing them? Is it just salary reasons - we're paying them so maybe the Triple-A club can use them? Are they being held in reserve in case the sky falls and they are needed in the future?
    You're paying the guy. Why not keep him around in case he rebounds? Now that he's off the 40 man roster, it doesn't matter one lick whether he's playing for you, playing for the Padres, or sitting at home. He's not blocking anyone in the system. At that point, you may as well keep the guy around "just in case".
    You got that right Pig. If there's a one in ten chance that either player comes back to contribute then you can be glad they stayed in the system. Otherwise they are expensive filler for the Red Wings.

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