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Thread: Kyle Zimmer injured

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    Kyle Zimmer injured

    And you thought the Twins were the only team dealing with injuries. Zimmer is out 6-8 weeks but won't need TJ surgery. 4 KC pitchers have needed TJ this year. Fan base a bit upset.


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    Think you may be missing the arguement (if there even is one). It isnt the injuries themselves....KC proves its not alwasy the major league grind that results in TJ, pitchers are destined to get them......it's the diagnosis/rehab.
    If Zimmer needs TJ next April, now we have an arguement of medical misfires. If he gets this fixed & he's healthy, its also something to growl about (getting a good examination/taken care off)

    20 yr old has been pretty impressive this year to those that want to argue we shoulda taken him (went 5th)
    9gms 39.2IP 39h 2.04ERA 42k 8bb
    I am very happy with the Buxton pick myself.

    Like to see KC get its pitchers healthy & see what they can do. I can say I root for em as a small market type team.
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