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Thread: 2013 draft position

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike wants wins View Post
    That only works if your gm is willing to trade his prospects....how big of a difference would there need to be to take a pitcher or not. Also, the Twins will have less picks next year. at some point, they need pitching.
    I think I stated the reasons that I completely disagree with you above. Mainly it's hard to project your needs 2-5 yrs from now since that's how long it takes most draft picks to make it. As an example 2-3 yrs ago the Twins had a very good rotation. 5 yrs ago the Twins had a huge need for OF'ers and made that the focus of 2 trades. Neither of those trades worked out.

    I also think it's premature to think that there won't be a couple of moves in the next 2-3 yrs where OF'ers are traded for pitchers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike wants wins View Post
    I realize the Twins have 1 arm in their entire minor league system that has any experience as a starter that profiles as a number 2. ONE arm.

    Gibson and Berrios. I'm sure there are some other gems hidden as well who have that sort of potetial: Boyd? Jones?

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    Felix Jorge has the upside, don't think we can really give him a ceiling yet.

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    I already commented that it is a bit early to know what berrios' ceiling is. He could be good, or he could be like delmon young and just be physically better than other kids. Ok, so you are saying there are two, one of whom has not pitched in A ball yet. Super. What is your solution?

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    The twins have a few pitchers in the lower minors that could have nice ceilings. They've spent some money on bonus babies the last couple of years. The problem is that they have next to nothing in the high minors. They have plenty of bats, but no pitching. Unless they do some trading, they are going to have to sign some pitchers to be competitive next season.

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    Quote Originally Posted by James View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Brock Beauchamp View Post
    I see no reason to avoid Appel in the next draft. He has already refused to sign once. There's almost a zero chance he does it again. That would be madness.
    Agreed. I believe the only reason he didn't sign was because he fell to #6. If he were #1, he would have signed. He's not going to hold out again. He's a senior this year, so if he doesn't sign, the only thing he could really do is go play independent ball somewhere for the year until he could enter the draft again, or sign as a free agent. Either way, that delays his entry into affiliated ball by another year. Deciding not to sign looks like he's taking the gamble that he will be drafter higher next year.
    In that case, we should pick him and then, since he has less leverage, we should pay him under slot and use the money for other picks.

    My guess is it has less to do with falling so low and more with he didn't want to play for Pittsburgh. Also, this could be an attempt by Boras et al to spike the wheel of a new draft system they hate. Either way, I wouldn't take the chance that he doesn't sign with the Twins even if he is picked by us and we offer him money comparable to a #1 pick overall.

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