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Thread: The Original R.B.I. Baseball on the Original NES Play Station

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    Man, I loved the original RBI. Versions II and III were not nearly as good to me. Was it the lack of the short, round men? The skinny bats instead of the big ones from the original? I don't know. In college, a bunch of us played quite a bit. We would always randomize which team you played with (no All-Star teams allowed) and always play a 3-game series so that you could only use one starting pitcher in a game (unless you wanted to go the next game with none as the game wouldn't let you use the same guy back-to-back without a reset). There were times when all eight teams were my favorite, and also times where I didn't like to play with each of them. I could go on and on about that game. I haven't probably played in 15 years, but I STILL hum the music fairly often when I'm doing something mindless and repetitive like yardwork or what have you.

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    "Baseball Stars" was intriguing, but none of the fellas around the hood owned it. One of my buddies borrowed it from his cousin for a month or so and it was pretty cool. It seemed like a game you needed to dig into for a few months to really get into the thick of things.

    Last week my friend who borrowed "Baseball Stars" entered a fast food restaurant. Just ahead of him, two men got into an argument. One of them pulled a knife. My friend who would always make the best peace tried to break it up. He was stabbed in the throat. He died almost instantly. Although I haven't seen him in more than ten years I know I'll miss him forever... I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. …does anybody?
    Baseball Stars wasn't necessarily better than RBI Baseball. Just more evolved. Most of its innovations came from RBI Baseball (defensive play, the different sound on a ball hit immediately after homeruns).

    Chris Chambers, kid brother of Eyeball, will be missed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ALessKosherScott View Post
    [Chris Chambers, kid brother of Eyeball, will be missed.
    Whew... I was starting to feel bad about some of the serious responses. Thanks for getting the "Stand by Me" bit. RBI was the better game.

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