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Thread: Joe Maddon is smarter than everyone else

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    If you listen to his interviews on Rays baseball, maddon frequently mentions groundball and fly ball tendencies, and generally gives more interesting answers to anything he's asked. Depending on different estimates, his shifts are good for anywhere between 4 to 10 wins per year.

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    It was done against the Twins this year twice in one game. I don't remember the opponent but I do remember that the move didn't benefit the fielding team either time.
    That was the Chicago Cubs. Willingham pulled a single down the left field line to win the game for the Twins.

    Joe Maddon is the best manager in the game. He employs shifts quite a bit, knows the strengths and limitations of his players and uses them wisely, is a master at running the bullpen, keeps the players loose and has their respect, etc.
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    "Baseball is like church. Many attend, few understand."

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