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Thread: Baseball America's 2012 Minor League All Star Teams

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    Baseball America's 2012 Minor League All Star Teams

    Two Twins prospects were named to Baseball America's 2012 Minor League All Star teams on Friday. Both were second team.


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    So Sano and Arcia are nameed BA All-Stars? I can only think of about a half dozen questions this raises....

    1. Does anyone out there think the Arcia might be the #2 prospect in the Twins system, above Buxton and Hicks now?
    2. I'm a little surprised Hicks was edged out. Are Adam Eaton and Jackie Bradley really better CF prospects or did they just have better years?
    3. I would think this bodes well for having several Twins prospects in the top 50 and maybe the top 100? Could Twins have 3 top 50 prospects? 5 top 100?
    4, Arcia listed as a DH? I don't know whether to be concerned about his glove or excited his bat beat out every other candidate at every other position.

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    John, good questions. I'll just address the Arcia stuff, since I don't have any real knowledge base on the other issues you raise.
    First, I don't think his glove is a liability. He came up as a CF, but of course with Span/Revere/Hicks/Benson will probably never play an inning there again. From what I saw, he has good range and speed, and a decent arm.

    And yes, when I make my Top 10 prospect ranking this off-season, he is in all likelihood going to be my #2 prospect in this organization. I'll have Sano first, then Arcia, with Buxton and Hicks also occupying slots in the top 5. Berrios also has been impressive, and we definitely need a pitcher to be excited about.
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    Arcia is easy second and almost first on my list. Sano really looked like he adjusted toward the end of the season, and keeps the top spot because of it. Hard not to be excited about what Arcia did this year.

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