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Thread: What kind of game do you prefer to see?

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    What kind of game do you prefer to see?

    OK, so I'm watching the Twins game tonight against Cleveland, thinking about last night's game, and I had mixed emotions. I'm glad for the win, but it was not a well-played game - sloppy play on both sides. Ideally, I would like to watch a well-played game on both sides that is close but that the Twins win. If I can't have that, however, I'm trying to decide what's more important to me - a good game, or a Twins win?

    Anybody else have any thoughts? If you could pick between a) a close, well-played game the Twins lose, and b) a sloppy game the Twins win, what would be your choice?

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    Out of contention... A good game... I'd rather see the Twins play well and lose over Play bad and win... The wins don't matter much... I just want the players to show something.

    Now if they are in contention. I'll take the win any way it comes.

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    I prefer a sloppy win to a well-played loss. And I especially like a lopsided win. My ideal game would be beating the White Sox by at least 20 runs, and it would be icing on the cake if the Sox committed a lot of errors. If this could happen in three straight games, then I would be in heaven.

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    On TV, I like a well played game. When I'm actually at the game, I could go either way, but I probably prefer a slug-fest. But one played fairly well, i.e. no stupid errors like throwing to the wrong base or forgetting how many outs there are.

    That being said, non of this applies when the Twins are playing the White Sux. I always want the Twins to win by a huge margin when they play them, no matter the record or how I'm watching the game.
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    I like a low scoring, pitching dual with the Twins winning in the 9th..

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