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Thread: Parmelee Leaving Team

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    Parmelee Leaving Team

    Chris Parmelee is leaving the team on Thursday to be with his wife for the birth of their first child. He'll return Monday.

    I notice he has 47 at-bats in September which is seventh on the team right now. If we were looking at plate appearances, he might be even lower than that because he only has 3 walks. So Gardy has done a pretty decent job of finding regular at-bats for him, especially considering the groin injury.

    I also notice that he has 13 strikeouts and just 3 walks in September. I didn't expect to see that. He's hitting .298 and his slugging is over .500, but he's cooled a bit lately, though if I was recovering from a groin injury, I'd probably be "cooled" too.

    I'll also just mention that according to fangraphs, his UZR in RF is slighly positive, though it is a pitifully small sample size. Still, I haven't seen anything so far that makes me think he can't play there.

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    I've been pleasantly surprised by his play in RF. I think he's doing just fine but I've only seen ~3 games with him in the OF.

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    He's been OK in RF, especially since he hasn't played there since Beloit! Rather limited range, but probably just below average, but his arm plays alright out there.

    Oh, and congratulations to Chris and his wife. I talked to her for 5-10 minutes at Twins Fest and she's such a nice person.

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