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Thread: Edwin Jackson?

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    I like Marcum also but with his recent arm/elbow troubles in 12'.....I have zero confidence that the 'new' twins medical staff can rule him healthy enough to warrant a big contract.
    Really, either one & Id be happy but if its up to me between the 2, Id definately go with Jackson---IF he's not limited by Rick Anderson's pitch count

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    Last 5 yrs
    Jackson 98 of 158 starts in AL (2 relief)
    59W 52L 996IP 1011 hits 4.06ERA 766k 6.9k/9 345bb 3.1bb/9 1.361whip 12.1WAR
    All Star in Detroit....3postseasons, one WS win
    2yrs over 200IP, another @ 199.2IP
    Like the durability but career low 93.5mph last yr (94.1career)....is he losing the FB slowly or did he ramp it down??

    Marcum last 5 yrs ( 07-12 as he missed 09 w/TJ surgery)
    81 of 135 starts in AL (13relief)
    54W 32L 830IP 474hits 3.67ERA 677k 7.3k/9 240bb 2.6bb/9 1.189whip 12.4WAR
    one year over 200IP
    one postseason with MIL
    Marcum 86.5mph in 12 (87.2career...bout same after TJ)

    Like both but for comparison

    Scot Baker from 07-11...5yr
    134 starts in 137 appearnaces
    55W 37L 821IP 825hits 3.98ERA 676K 7.4k/9 194bb 2.1bb/9 1.24whip 14.4WAR
    one year with 200IP
    one postseason appearance
    91.0 fastaball mph career
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