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Thread: Playing the Game on Paper

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    Playing the Game on Paper

    Seemingly... a majority of folks on Twinsdaily... (Wonderful people for the most part)... Plus a majority of people you will run into on the streets.... Will gloss over the makeup of the Giants... I also believe the majority will gloss over the seasons turned in by the Tigers, Rangers, Yankees, Red Sox and every other team while continuing to play the game on paper. The Game on paper according to their own mind's eye. Me included!!!

    The Giants sent forth a lineup with a couple of Superstars in Sandoval and Posey and a bunch of question marks.

    Scutaro and Pence were acquired at the trade deadline while the Dodgers added a bus load of bigger names.
    Brandon Belt was a Freshmen Bust who struggled to find playing time early this year.
    #7 #8 #9 in the order last night... Blanco... Theriot(AT DH) and Crawford... If those three were members of the Twins. A few of us on Twins Daily would be throwing garbage all over them.

    Melky who was performing at an out of this world level was busted and done for the stretch run and playoffs. They Shook it off like the team was bigger than he was.

    This will all soon be forgotten and everyone will continue or return to flat out concern over our Middle infield like they can't win with someone like Crawford holding down the position.

    The Giants have a pitching staff... So do the Tigers... So do the Nationals... So do other squads... Sometimes Pitchers have bad starts and sometimes they happen in the playoffs. Sometimes they pitch well in the playoffs and still get out pitched by a lesser pitcher on paper. Sometimes someone like Scutaro comes out of nowhere.

    Get in the playoff door and anything can happen. Build this team for reaching the playoffs. That means Pitching... Pitching Depth... Overall Depth... And players who compete and believe they can win.

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    It's the beauty of the game of baseball, in my opinion. Stars only get you so far. hey, the Twins have stars (Mauer, Morneau, Willingham), but it's those other players playing well at the right time. It's so many things. It's combining talent with teamwork. I know that we like to mock things like sac bunts (OK, I love mocking it), but if you're playing for one run, being able to do that (and then following up with a sac fly or something) is vital. The Giants aren't the most talented team out there, but they have strong starting pitching and a strong bullpen, and good defense and enough offense.

    That's why they don't play baseball on paper... they play the games on TV!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Seth Stohs View Post
    That's why they don't play baseball on paper... they play the games on TV!!
    For many years I stopped watching (I had no tv for a while and got out of the habit). I used to say that I didn't care if they even played. As long as they continued printing box scores!

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