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Thread: Article: Capps Redux?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sorney View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by CDog View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by sorney View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by sorney View Post
    I view Capps the same way I viewed Punto....they can't sign him because Gardy, much like with giving Punto 500 at bats, won't be able to help himself and will use him as a closer.

    Calm down brother...it was meant as hyperbole.
    So what we're left with is that you wanted to come here and put stink on Gardenhire for an imagined and invented mis-use of a theoretical 2013 Capps by using an exaggerated (one could say BS instead) accusation of mis-use of a past player ( when that was more accurately probably the best player available to be used in the role in question)? Am I calm enough to have that about right?
    its been a pleasure....
    Wish we could say the same.

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    I think if the Twins were interested in bringing back Matt Capps, they wouldn't have paid him $250,000 to go away.

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    So what you are saying, John, is that you think the Twins will be unable to sign Capps for less than $5.75 million (his $6 million option minus the buyout)? Otherwise, buying out his option has nothing to do with whether you want him back or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by righty8383 View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by johnnydakota;60611[/QUOTE
    harmon would be benched for not going the other way
    You had some good points going until this part. Please tell me you were grossly exaggerating just to make a point.
    yes i was pushing the truth , but look at the way he manages, would cal ripkens have been the new iron man?
    would ken griffey jr. made his major leaque debute before the age of 25?

    on another note ....r i p pascual perez , may god bless and keep your family safe

    god bless america go twins

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    No, Cal Ripken would not have been the iron man. But to say Griffey would not have made his debut before 25 is preposterous. Would he have debuted at 19? Maybe not, but like Mauer, he would have been up before he could legally drink.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Bonnes View Post
    I think if the Twins were interested in bringing back Matt Capps, they wouldn't have paid him $250,000 to go away.
    I fail to see how that's relevant. There was no way they were going to pick up the option so buying it out was a necessity regardless of their interest. This wouldn't be the first time a team bought out a player's option and then re-signed him to a more reasonable deal – just look at Jake Peavy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nick Nelson View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Fire Dan Gladden View Post
    3) It would be an unmitigated PR disaster. Capps is the poster child for all of the poor decisions made in recent years by the Twins. Bringing him back would be a reminder of the loss of Ramos, the draft pick, and $13 mil for 12 blown saves.
    This shouldn't be a consideration, in my opinion. The Twins shouldn't let public perception of a potential move dictate whether they do it or not. If it's a good baseball decision, you make it happen. Certainly they should move on if he's looking for anything more than a couple million, but I'm not sure he'll be able to do so. He ranks pretty low on the list of free agent relievers and the Twins won't be all over him early driving up the price again.

    Also, saying a "middle-handed reliever is not needed right now" is awfully cavalier based on out-of-nowhere performances from a couple injury-prone guys in their late 20s. I like Burton and Fien as much as the next guy but it doesn't hurt to hedge your bets a little bit.
    Like it or not, PR is always a consideration. Are you telling me the Joe Mauer contract had nothing to do with PR? Signing Capps at this point is a lose-lose situation:
    Capps pitches poorly and the FO will get hammered by fans and the press, it will be considered another terrible move in a list of recent questionable decisions.
    Capps pitches well and everybody will be waiting for the shoe to drop. He could be perfect the entire year, and the fans would still be questioning. There is no reason to have this distraction on the team.

    And no, a right-handed middle reliever is not needed right now. We have Swarzak to fill that roll just fine. Could we use a reliever that we could trust in a high leverage situation? Yep. Would you put Capps in a high leverage situation? Nope. Not cavalier, just common sense. If the team does need somebody for that spot, guys like that are a dime a dozen without Capps baggage.

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