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Thread: What's up with Sam Deduno?

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    What's up with Sam Deduno?

    This morning when I was trying to compile a scorecard for the pitchers who are battling for bullpen spots, I realized that Sam Deduno has yet to appear in a game this Spring.

    There have been no news of an injury or another issue and he did report, so things are not clear about what's up. When I asked one of the beat reporters, he said that he things that there might be a hamstring issue and he will check out. I know that he has been pitching batting practice for sure, including yesterday. (so if he is injured he probably would not do that, unless he is getting better and we will see him in a day or two in a game.)

    Any ideas of what is going on? Just curious, because if he is a week behind, his chances of making the team are close to those of Jason Bulger's.
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    That is strange. Thanks for the scorecard, that is a helpful way to gauge things. Maloney and Wise off to an early lead . . .

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    A guy pushing 30 with all of 15 IP in the majors? He's AAA depth.

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