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Thread: Twins Promote Assistant Trainer

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    Twins Promote Assistant Trainer

    I didn't see this being discussed in any threads. More of the same...

    If Twins can't re-sign Hunter, plans are to trade, sign a FA or go in-house to find a replacement.

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    I thought the scholarship program was over. My math skills are questionable, but between those four men listed for promotions they seem to have a combined 66 years service with the Twins organization. I appreciate the loyalty, and these men should be proud of the promotions, but there wasn't one outside voice who could qualify to be a member of this staff? This organization seems like a small town in a post appocolyptic movie where the roads leading to town are blocked with signs saying "Outsiders shot on sight" or "Turn back now."

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    18 years, 15 years, 21 years experience on the Twins training/medical staffs

    Are we really supposed to believe that anything will be different? Apparently McWane was simply a sacrificial lamb like Stelly and Jerry White.

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    I fail to see how promoting from within somehow implies a scholarship and is necessarily a bad idea. The questions I would have is this:

    1) Does this individual garner the respect of his peers, who will now be his subordinates?
    2) Does this person understand what went wrong at the bosses level and have an actionalble plan for fixing it?
    3) Does this person have the qualifications for the job description.

    Promotions can breathe new life into an organization, especially is the higher up that was fired consistently stiffled the new ideas. If you get more of the same out of the position, then your criticism is warranted.

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    Promotions can breathe new life but how likely are they to do so in this case?

    What bothers me the most is that we don't see people leaving the Twins organization, getting experience elsewhere and then coming back. (Krivsky would be an exception, I suppose). Instead, they stay mired in the "Twins way" -- but guess what? Maybe that "way" could use some updating with fresh energy and ideas. It looks to me like by the time anyone gets promoted to an influential position, they've been indoctrinated in the "Twins way" for so long they probably don't even remember that there are other approaches out there. Stability is good. Stagnancy is not. It's time to breathe some new life into this organization.

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