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Thread: Article: Happy Thanksgiving from Twins Daily!

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    Article: Happy Thanksgiving from Twins Daily!

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    Your new web site is by far and away the BEST place for information on the players for my favorite team: the Rochester Red Wings. Although I don't often log in or post, I check your site out daily. Thank you and the other members for all the thoughtful and well-researched articles. This year, I am thankful for and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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    Thanks Seth, John, Nick and Parker! And everyone else who contributes here.
    I'm not much of a thread starter or Blogster (?word) just an old Baseball fan who loves to read the stuff you guys write on here.
    I'll chip in once in awhile if I think I might have something of interest to add, but you guys do a great job, be it Hot Stove, Spring Training or the Regular Season, I love it all. Happy Holidays Everyone

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    You gentlemen have done a great job. Thank you.

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    I mentioned this to Brock mid-season, but a wiki addition would be a fun thing to play with. It would be a Twinspedia and would be a great reference point for ALL sorts of Twins information both historically and current, up-to-date daily things too.

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