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Thread: Spring Training - Game 9 - vs PIT -

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fanatic Jack View Post

    I totally expect Terry Doyle to make the roster out of spring training with the Twins. Every blogger who has talked about the bullpen situation predicts Doyle will make the roster. The guy is 26 and has never pitched about .AA in the minor leagues. That should tell you all you need to know. Why do the Twins always pick up other team's rejections. The answer is obvious because they are cheap. If they were good players out there you would see New York, Boston, and Phily go after them. At some point you have to spend some money to build a winner.
    Picking up Doyle isn't "cheap." He was a Rule 5 pick. Most of the teams make a Rule 5 pick. Has nothing to do with cheap, just an opportunity to add a possibility. I'd guess over 90% of Rule 5 picks go back to their original team. "Bloggers" as you so eloquently call us have him on our projected rosters because he either makes it or he's gone. With so many question marks on the roster, I think it increases his odds of making it, but no one is saying it is a sure thing. And, it would be silly to release him now... why not wait a couple of weeks? Like JC said, he got hit today, but he's been solid in other appearances.

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    Since ANY player you pick up in the Rule 5 draft is, by definition, another team's rejection, I presume that means you would have the Twins not draft anyone in the Rule 5 draft, I gather. I respectfully disagree.

    I also disagree that "every" blogger who's talked about the bullpen predicts he will make the roster. That said, you stated in your prior post that you're surprised everyone assumes Doyle will make the roster out of ST, and now you say that you fully expect that to be the case. Since it sounds like you are one of those who assume that will be the case, you probably shouldn't be surprised that others do, too.

    For the record, I'm not one of them. I expect them to try to work a deal with Chicago to keep him in the organization, but I also maintain it's far too early to assume anything with regard to him.
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