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Thread: Article: Gleeman & The Geek Episode 70: Denard Span for Alex Meyer

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    I listened to a podcast the other day that spoke of Rory Rhodes. I hadn't heard his name in many months and wondered what does his future look like. He was demoted to Elizabethton last year (from Beloit) and was on fire to start the season before injury hampered his season. Good looking prospect - What does future hold for Aussie?

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    Is it just me or did Bonnes keep heavy mouth breathing into the microphone on this one? And there was a repeated sound multiple times that was very reminiscent of flatulence. What was going on here?!?

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    Gosh. I normally enjoy your and Aaron's back-and-forth, but this one was a little much for me (plus, I rushed to listen to it for thoughts on the trade and details on Meyer, so my expectations were probably above average for a podcast going in).

    They're weird arguments, too--I tend to agree with you that Aaron seems to arguing with someone else half the time. In any case, he often gets much more worked up and defensive (and, dare I say, offensive) about these things than you get, John.

    While I agree with Aaron that Meyer should be labeled better than a C prospect, I totally agree with you that you can really use any scale you want, so it makes sense to ask him, "What scale are you using? Roughly how many A, B, and C prospects would you say there there are per team?" I don't know why asking that question warrants minutes of insults.

    I often go back and forth as to which of you I agree with in your back-and-forths, but the one thing I can never figure out is why Aaron would rather argue than discuss.

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    I've enjoyed this podcast too much over the past year to quit on it over one episode, but sheesh, this one really got out of hand. I hope you guys are able to work something out to avoid these unending unwinnable circular arguments. Maybe hit pause on the recording, go to a break and take a breather over a beer?

    Also this episode made it quite clear that behind Aaron's misanthropic never-leave-the-house shtick lie some pretty serious issues. Bless you, John, but I would've gotten up and left the minute he started intimating that his "reputation" was being damaged by associating himself with you. The constant threats to find another co-host are also getting old, and are nowhere near as cute as he thinks they are.

    All that said, I hope whatever set this argument in motion gets resolved, because 90% of the time this podcast is an invaluable resource for news and analysis.

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    I think that everything that needs to be said on this topic has likely been said, so I want to move this thread in another direction.

    I really liked that John stated that he wanted to get something up quickly for the TD community to discuss. To me, this shows that the leaders of TD really want this to be a community, and not simply a place to display their great articles. The community aspect makes it a lot more fun for me. I like being able to see some gut reactions from time to time, as they can be very entertaining, and often the most honest. The wide variety of opinions is one of the most interesting and enjoyable parts of this community. The fact that we all feel empowered to express our opinions is what makes this a fun place to visit on a daily basis. Being able to interact with writers that I have read for years is a really great idea. Also, just seeing what other people think on a variety of topics and reading various member blogs is really enjoyable for me. So kudos to John, and the whole TD staff for providing this forum and this site for us to use and enjoy.

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    Thanks Brad! When John, Nick, Parker and I first became TwinsCentric, "community" was one of the keys to the whole discussion. When we all lived in the cities, we had fairly frequent get-togethers. As we were discussing TwinsDaily.com (before it had a name/url), "community/forum" was an absolute. And, this community has been great for that!

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    I agree, I like the back and forth, mostly it is respectful.

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