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Thread: Hepatitis C > Christian Ponder

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLeviathan View Post
    Never fear, some Vikes fans still want to make excuses!

    I'm not sure how to rectify the feelings of being right about Ponder from the start and the fact that being right meant certain doom for the team. Ugh.
    #1 - Saying Ponder sucks is making excuses for what exactly?
    #2 - EVERYBODY hated the pick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by edavis0308 View Post
    #1 - Saying Ponder sucks is making excuses for what exactly?
    #2 - EVERYBODY hated the pick.
    Huh? Reading comprehension gets a thumbs up. People have been making excuses for Ponder for months in this state - the true crappiness of his play is now shining through all that BS.

    And no, there are a lot of people in this state that have played the "well....let's wait and see!" game.

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    I don’t know how more heat isn’t being pushed on Leslie? Remember, he’s the idiot who pushed for McNabb last season when it was pretty clear that he was a washed up piece of crap. He’s the one sticking with Ponder even though he’s made T-Jack look like Johnny U.

    Even Childress was smart enough to bring in vet backup in Gus and sat T-Jack when he looked completely lost out there. Leslie has tied his ship to Ponder and sadly it’s only a matter of time before that ship is gonna sink.

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    I'm not sure how much say Leslie has had in who starts at QB. He was the Vikings first pick after all.

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