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Thread: Haren to sign 1 year, $13 million deal with Nats

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    Do the Twins know free agency started? They are allowed to get better but it will cost money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by biggentleben View Post
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    Wow, Nats must not be concerned about his health.
    More like he's their 4th starter with Strasburg, Gio, and Zimmerman with Detwiler rounding out the rotation. He's basically their Edwin Jackson for this season.
    If Dan Haren is to the Nats what Edwin Jackson has been to the Rays, then I would expect the Nats rotation to be pretty dominant.
    Say what? Edwin Jackson was with the Nats last year. He was their one-year signing last year that went out and earned himself a likely multi year deal.
    Sorry, had the typical brain fart typical of a long, hard day at work.
    Mastermind of the "Free Bert" sign.

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    I wonder how long of a contract he was looking for. i think I still would have gone 3 yrs but I'm wondering if he thinks he is going to be able to next season into a ridiculous 4-5 yr deal at 15+M/yr.

    I believe that I'm also on record as being disappointed that the Twins didn't get involved when the angels were trading him.

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