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Thread: How high would you go for Brandon McCarthy?

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    The Twins need to show some semblance of competitiveness, really, in 2013 and 2014, otherwise, they won't attract free agents. Until the young turks are EASED into the system, free agents will give second thoughts to the team, unless they are overpayed or as a last resort. Does Arizona look better than Minnesota? Is he a NL or AL pitcher. Was it a difference of half-a-million or considerably more? We will never know.
    Joel Thingvall
    rosterman at www.twinscards.com

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    As the Twins/Terry Ryan do......they offerred a one year contract & are just waiting for someone to say OK......wasnt gonna be Brandon as that was a very decent contract.

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    2 years for $15.5? And that's out of the Twins price range? That says a lot about the Twins. Bargain basement here we come!

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