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Thread: Neal: Twins have offers out to starting pitchers

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike wants wins View Post
    Well, if you do not want them to spend money this year, will you want them to next year, when it is way more expensive? That is the part that I do not understand in these discussions. But I am willing to listen....
    I'm with you on not wanting the let the team get away with going with a minimal payroll. My problem with signing Saunders is that it is a catch-22. If he's your big free agent signing you know 2013 is already a lost cause so why bother making the siging at all?

    Your right about if they don't spend now, why would they next year. Aside from having to likely give multiple years at about $10 million per, the thing that would bug me the most is that there are still better options. I'd much rather have Edwin Jackson and Shawn Marcum. The money should be spent to go toward those guys even if they have to overpay to make them come to Minnesota. There is more potential in those arms.

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    Quote Originally Posted by twinsfaninsaudi View Post
    If the get Saunders, I'd call it an unexpected accomplishment.
    The fact that your claim can't easily be disputed is the most punishing indictment of the Twins I can imagine.

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