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Thread: Nashville Sounds running into Stadium Problems

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    Nashville Sounds running into Stadium Problems

    The Nashville Sounds new Owners recently bought the Sounds in hopes of getting a new stadium put up. There is now belief in Nashville, that the Owners will look to move the team, or sell it. Should they decide to sell the team, the belief around Nashville, is that the buyers would look to relocate the team. The Sounds stadium is in a Bad part of the city, and has been open for 36 years now, with minimal changes. The stadium is in a terrible part of Nashville. There is little land available to put a new stadium if they wanted to put a new one up. If the team eventually gets put for sale, might the Pohlad family buy the Franchise with intentions of moving it to St.Paul once the Rochester PDC expires? The difference between this situation and the MWL situation, is that the teams fly to their next destinatnion for their series'. Should be interesting to see how this situation between the Owners of the Sounds, and the City of Nashville plays out.
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    I'm not sure if the Pohlads would buy the team, but maybe Mike Veeck and his group would get involved? No idea what kind of money it would take. Also, I think I read that the new stadium in St. Paul was being designed to meet or exceed Class A standards, in terms of seating capacity and other facilities. If anyone would want to get serious about bringing a Class AAA team to the Twin Cities, it would probably be a good idea to address the stadium issues now, rather than trying to bring it up to spec later.
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    The Sounds stadium is in a Bad part of the city, and has been open for 36 years now, with minimal changes. The stadium is in a terrible part of Nashville..
    I agree that the stadium is pretty terrible, but that's not really a bad part of the city. It's kind of dead, but I don't think having a vibrant social scene outside of the park is really the standard for quality minor league enjoyment.

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