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Thread: 40 Man Roster

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    40 Man Roster

    It's early December and the Twins have 38 players on the 40 man roster. I'd say they have 6 scrubs on it as of now. Tim Wood, Josh Roenicke, Alex Burnett, Drew Butera, Eduardo Escobar, and Brian Dozier. It doesn't look like Butera, Burnett, or Escobar are going away soon and I'm not sure what the thoughts on Dozier are for the Twins. The Twins just got Wood (forgive my wording) and Roenicke.

    Question is, how likely is it that the Twins will sign more than 2 players and later on waive someone?

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    I think Escobar will have a longer major league career than Florimon. He is the one with the real defensive reputation as a minor leaguer. Dozier hasn't had near enough plate appearances to write him off. Burnett is still young enough. He opened in A-ball in 2009 and was in the majors at 22 in 2010. There is still a reasonable chance that he will be a useful set up man.

    Teams need to have more patience with guys like Escobar and Burnett who get pushed at an early age through the minors to the majors. The Twins can afford to be patient this year.

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