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Thread: Article: Rational Thinking on an Irrational Topic

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    Article: Rational Thinking on an Irrational Topic

    Peanuts From Heaven

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    Nice to see this. I did a website vote on HOFers. And I
    came to 9 votes with Barry and Clemens not in the
    first 9. And I added Bonds not Clemens for the same
    reason you did.

    Consequently, I was the only person in the poll who
    didn't pair Bonds and Clemens.
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    If I were to vote for one of the alleged cheaters (Bonds or Clemens), I would vote for Clemens 1st.

    The reason being is that I believe that beginning of his alleged PED use happened in New York. His 5 CY awards in Boston and Toronto are more than enough qualifications for the HOF.

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    Nice rationalization of how guys who get to the 50-60% range start gaining momentum. The steriod guys are trending away from that magic range though, not towards it.

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    I think splitting them is an anomaly and don't really want to overthnk it.
    >95% of voters will likely go either or neither. I would have preferred not
    to split them myself. My guess is they will eventually go in together.

    Clemens got 8 more actual HOF votes.

    Posnaski believed that the extra votes were because Clemens ended on
    slightly better legal grounds (Bonds getting Indicted, Clemens not). Pure

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