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Thread: What if the **** hits the fans?

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    What happens if Joe benson,Chris Parmelee and Mr.hicks are not ready for prime time? Likely.
    What if Darren Mastroanni isnt a full time player? Very likely.
    What if Josh Willingham is the best defensive outfielder we have in 2013? Very unlikely.
    What if Terry is wrong about Florimon and Dozier can not handle shortstop? I am not sure about what you meant, I think Dozier has a better chance at succeeding at that position, Florimon is just a waste of roster spot.
    What if bone chips in fact are a precurser to tommy john surgery, and
    both Scott Diamonds and Worely are done for the season by June? Very unlikely.
    What if Harden and Pelfrey both imitate Zumyaya and never make it out of spring training? It's unlikely it would happen for both though.
    What if klank Ploufe continues to have a stone hands? Very likely.
    What if as most predict Correias ERA translates into the low 5.00s in the A.L.? Very likely.
    What if Nick Blackburn is our best starter? Very unlikely, it's hard to find anyone worse.

    It's going to be long season ahead.

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    Oh, everything that can go wrong does go wrong? How interesting! Indeed, let's have a sister thread where we can hold hands over all the things that can go right! Won't that be fun.

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    I'm not sure what the point of this thread is... some of that stuff will happen, and some won't. Benson's inclusion here is interesting given that I doubt he heads north with the team. I somehow doubt Hicks does too. Parmalee has shown he has nothing left to prove in AAA, so whether he's ready or not, he gets his shot, and hopefully an entire season to figure things out. Will he have his bumps? Probably.

    I think at this point you should just accept the fact that 80 wins is the ceiling (and a fairly unlikely one at that). Let the kids play and figure things out. Collect a few more high draft picks to help fill some spots for 2015...

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    I think everyone is coming to grips with the reality that the Twins won't be very good this year. The pitching rotation is well below average and the middle IF and CF positions are a mystery with no really good in-house options. Plus the Tigers were in the World Series last year and are probably a better team this coming summer. Add to that the improvements made by the Indians and Royals and I think we are unfortunately looking at close to or more than 100 losses again this summer.

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    A lot of TD whiners, led by jennydakota, will so happy with themselves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brock Beauchamp View Post
    It's fine, don't worry about it... Just don't bypass the word censors again. It's a pet peeve of mine.
    I love it when you get hot and bothered... Makes me hot too.... not so much bothered though
    Do or do not. There is no try.

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    Carlos Rodon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TwinsFanInPhilly View Post
    A lot of TD whiners, led by jennydakota, will so happy with themselves.
    Wow thank you , i didnt know i was the leader type =)

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnydakota View Post
    Wow thank you , i didnt know i was the leader type =)
    Ah, and he called you jenny...truly representing his city well...

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    Is this just the Murphy's law thread or do we need to discuss the actual laws of probability?

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    I can speak for myself, and say that I will be following the box scores of the Minor Leagues Twins's affiliates much more consistently than I will be watching the MLB Twins or purchasing tickets to Target Field. Furthermore, I have not been to Target Field since I witness JJ Hardy homer there as an Oriole. I also witnessed Revere's Gibby "Play of the Year" to rob Vlad during the same game. No lie, check it out here:Baseball Video Highlights & Clips | 8/22/11: Hardy, Britton lead O's past Twins - Video | MLB.com: Multimedia

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