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Thread: (In)Famous Twins Fan Mike "Sammy" Samuelson passes away

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    (In)Famous Twins Fan Mike "Sammy" Samuelson passes away

    Twins fan and local activist Mike (Sammy) Samuelson dies | StarTribune.com

    That's the story of his passing. Below is a story about his life....

    Tevlin: Some advice on living from a dying heckler: Enjoy every day | StarTribune.com

    On Friday night, he was the primary draw for the Hot Stove banquet (which I had to miss). He died today from leukemia.

    I knew Sammy a little, who I met because he was a big GameDay supporter. We would talk occasionally at ballgames, and I'd get the occasional ranting email from him. He was a world-class heckler (odd in Minnesota) and drove the Twins crazy, but the organization loved him for his passion. And with a story like this, can you wonder why?

    Not long ago, Sammy asked his doctor if he should buy season tickets for next year. The answer was no. Sammy waited for a couple of days, then said, "What the hell."
    He bought the tickets.
    "Then I called Dave St. Peter and said, 'Dave, if I don't make it to April, can you give my wife a refund? It's the first time anyone asked him that."
    Rest in peace, Sammy.

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    I met Sammy a few times too, and like John would get the occasional e-mail or Facebook comment. He is as passionate a fan as I've ever met. I'm glad I got to know him.

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