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    KLaw Chat

    Craig (St. Paul, MN)

    Any of the Twins prospects other than Hicks and Gibson likely to get a look this year? Obviously don't want to rush them, but the big league is going to be so awful, that getting a glimpse of the future would be nice.
    Klaw (2:40 PM)

    Of their top guys, I could see Meyer getting a cup of coffee late in the year. Most of what I love in their system is further away, though.

    Bob (Minny)

    Keith, ETA on when these young arms with give the Twins a solid starting staff?

    Klaw (2:03 PM)

    At least 2-3 years to get them all into the rotation and developed. More like three.

    Todd (MN)

    What sort of power ceiling does Max Kepler have? 20 hr?
    Klaw (1:59 PM)


    John (Minneapolis)

    Does JO Berrios make your top 100 in 2014?
    Klaw (1:51 PM)

    I'd like to see more evidence his lack of height/plane isn't going to be a problem for him to remain a starter, and I'm not wild about the arm action.
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    Nice post, thanks. I think May has a shot to be up too. He's already in AA so if he can control his walks, I think he'd be one of the first call ups, actually. I know that "control his walks" is a big 'if' but I'm hoping he can pull it off.

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