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Thread: Murphy: Inteview with Terry Ryan

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    Absolutly, lose a quality bench player so you can carry Drew all year , just because you might lose the D.H. for 0-4 at bats?

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    Quote Originally Posted by drjim View Post
    I said IP was the most important. I stand by that. But I also thought I was pretty clear that it was far from the only stat or a be-all end-all stat. To look solely at IP would be silly, just like it would be silly to look at any one stat to determine effectiveness. I would assume this is self-evident. I would put ERA second.
    In that case, I'd go sabr and use WAR. That combines both effectiveness and durability. WAR is far from perfect but at least it tries to combine both sides of the coin.

    Anyway, I don't really see the point in declaring one stat more important than another when all of them are available to us for every player. I guess this is a hypothetical exercise I don't see the point in playing.

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