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Thread: Michael Bourn (I know it has been posted already)

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    Michael Bourn (I know it has been posted already)

    I know this has been reported about an hour ago, but I wanted to say I was floored when I heard Cleveland made the move. They might as well surrender their 3rd round pick for Lohse and make Boras happy.

    Did anyone see this happening? I really don't think the move does much for Cleveland to get them past Detroit in the Central. Maybe they will keep him and deal him (to the Mets) in July.

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    The Indians only give up a 2nd and 3rd for signing Swisher and Bourn. They keep their first.
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    The Mets are in save money mode due to Wilpon owing money. If they had wanted Bourn they would have signed him. If your answer is so they did not have to give up a draft pick then answer why would Cleveland want to get a worse player back than the draft pick they surrendered.

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