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Thread: Murphy: Mauer's Catching Time Limited in WBC

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    Murphy: Mauer's Catching Time Limited in WBC

    I found the whole tone of this story reassuring. Mauer seems to understand he doesn't need to try and play hero and catch a lot early:

    "The WBC's a great event, a great opportunity. I'm excited for it. But I've got to get ready for my guys, too," he said. "I'll try to be as ready as I can. I won't be in midseason form or anything. I'll go out there and try to prepare myself as best I can knowing also April 1 is when we get going."
    I'm also glad Torre is reinforcing that message. Maybe it'll sink in and this 120 games nonsense will fade away quietly.

    Minnesota Twins: Joe Mauer has a friend in Joe Torre with Team USA - TwinCities.com

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    Mauer will probably DH as much as he catches. He'll get lots of ABs. Can't have one of your best hitters sitting out.

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