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Thread: Mackey: Gibson Should Start In Bullpen, Carroll On The Bench

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    I'd rather see Gibson ease in as a starter in Rochester, as stated the approach for starting is different that a reliever. Let him build up his strength, work on his speeds and get settled. Escobar may buy Dozier some time to get his head straight in Rochester but realistically he's going to have to show he can handle it this year in MN, I'm not so willing to say he's going to be fine at 2B but considering his bat potential and the alternatives, they may as well try it. He's the only thing at MI I'm remotely interested in or hopeful about.

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    I'm fine with Gibson starting in the Twins' rotation, if he looks good in spring. The idea of needing him in September is just laughable.

    The middle infield situation is boring. The Twins are just punting both spots for the time being, and will unquestionably be the worst team in baseball there.

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    Gibson is healthy and 20 months from surgery. He can go full bore in the rotation. If he earns a rotation spot let him do it and worry about innings later.

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    It's not about "needing" him in September. It's about having him pitch a full season. And anyone not concerned about his innings in a lost season is not serious about making sure everything is OK for 2014 and beyond with him. They cannot mess this situation up!

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    I'm sure the reason they're considering Redwings or EST is to prevent the arb clock from ticking when he's not really producing for the team. If they have him do the Rockies thing, you're blowing service time on what amounts to rehab. While it's pretty silly to worry about a 25 year old's service time, there isn't any sense to use it that way. It's sensible to hang on to pitchers you think are going to be good. through that age 31 season anyway. Although, has his clock already started by virtue of being on the 60 Day DL?

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    I think Mackey has it all backwards this time around. I would really hate it if they tried Gibson out of the BP, just seems like the quick warm ups and tossing harder in game would be worse for an arm than starting. Also don't see that it's Dozier's job to lose.

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    However remote the scenario, I'd rather have the dilemma of shutting him down early while the Twins are still within 8-10 games -- because we put our five best pitchers out there from the beginning of the season. If we are 8-10 games back by the end of May because we are saving arms, what does it matter at that point. Keep the fans interested as long as possible.
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    I was in the "try Gibson in Swarzak's spot" camp, but the points I've seen made here have changed my mind. Short start him in Rochester for a month or two, and then bring him up when feasible.

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