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Thread: Berardino: Willingham wears a flowery pink dress

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    Berardino: Willingham wears a flowery pink dress

    Admit it. You were looking for a picture, right?

    A day after Josh Willingham was spotted in a flowery pink house dress while wearing a straw hat and fuzzy pink-and-green slippers, the Minnesota Twins slugger declined comment when pressed for details.

    "I'm not talking about that," the Twins' left fielder said with a slight smile Thursday morning, Feb. 21. "You didn't see anything."
    Willingham calls it "zany promos for Fox Sports North." Whatever. I don't need FSN to give me an excuse to feel pretty.

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    You're correct, John. I was looking for a picture. I guess we'll have to wait to see this.
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    How that phrase go? Oh yeah! " This thread is worthless without pics!"

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    The one thing I came away with after reading the article is that Josh Willingham has little to no fashion sense.
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