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Thread: Miller: Don't Read Too Much into Morneau's Blue Jays comments

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    Miller: Don't Read Too Much into Morneau's Blue Jays comments


    Justin Morneau told FoxSports.com's Jon Morosi that it "would be very cool" to play for the Blue Jays someday... This morning, he told Miller that people shouldn't make too much out of those comments.

    He later adds, after emphasizing his commitment to the Twins first, that Toronto is "one of those intriguing places, where if you win, you have the whole country behind you. I grew up in Vancouver, and I was a Blue Jays fan. It's nationwide."

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    It's not like he hasn't said it before. If it's really controversial for a Canadian to suggest that it might be fun to play for his country's only MLB team, then the bar for controversy might be resting on the floor.

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    Trade him for Mark Buehrle and a prospect, stat.

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    I've always felt this is a bit of a myth, the Blue Jays aren't nearly the National team as some seem to believe they are. In fact Morneau being a Jays fan is a bit odd, being from BC, they have as many Mariner fans as they do Jays fans. Here in Manitoba, Twins merch is as visible, if not arguably more so that Jays merch and people on the East Coast have an affinity for the Red Sox, it's much more regional.

    The Expos were always the more sentimental Canadian choice when they were around, it has to do with most people outside of Toronto hating Toronto, it's kind of a New York thing.

    I'd much rather see Brett Lawrie playing for the Twins than the Blue Jays.

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