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Thread: Renck: Cuddyer's Story behind his impeccable autograph

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    Renck: Cuddyer's Story behind his impeccable autograph

    Twins fans have all heard the story before about why Michael Cuddyer has such a nice autograph, but Troy Renck of the Denver Post tells his readers:


    Rockies outfielder Michael Cuddyer had a similar story. Then one day he did a signing with Hall of Famer Harmon Killebrew. Cuddyer’s been signing his name beautifully ever since, sharing the story in the video. He puts so much time and effort into signing with a pen that Thursday he stopped because his hand cramped. Cuddyer doesn’t even bother putting his number after his name because it’s not necessary to identify it (which is not the case with most autographs).
    I miss Cuddyer's presence on the Twins, and I certainly hope he returns to health this year with the Rockies.

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    Agree, Seth. Cuddy remains my all-time favorite Twin. He was both a good guy and a good player. The time was right for him to move on, but maybe he should have gone some place other than Denver.

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    One of my favorite all time Twins and he just went on record for wanting tougher PED penalties.

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    He definitely provided a solid presence that has been hard to fill since his departure.
    Mastermind of the "Free Bert" sign.

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    Wasnt he 1 of those guys the new stadium was suppose to allow us to keep?
    Some have stated we should sue for the return of public funding.
    I think we should (as a state) pony up another 162 million and take the franchise from the Pohlad family,
    making them a state owned asset insuring we will always have the Twins here in mMinnesota...

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnnydakota View Post
    Wasnt he 1 of those guys the new stadium was suppose to allow us to keep?
    I think that the Twins got a bargain when they replace Cuddyer for Willingham plus Doumit last off-season. I don't even think that this is arguable.

    I did not like Cuddyer that much since game 163 (the one Blackburn started at the Sux and Thome won it for them) when he tried to avoid a collision in the plate and did not score. Someone else with the whole season in line would have gone full spead to kick the ball out of Pierzynski's glove but Cuddyer did not do it for whatever reason. Hunter or Morneau would had flattened AJ. And then after the game (adding insult to injury) he was all smiles at the clubhouse saying to the reporters practically that "you win some, you lose some, and all is ok"... That rubbed me the wrong way. So I was done with Cuddyer. Add to it, his lack of clutch hitting and him being a GIDP machine and flankly I was really happy about last off-season...
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