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Thread: Michael Wacha Cardinals

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    Quote Originally Posted by ashburyjohn View Post
    I agree the fastball is only subject to minor tweaks for additional speed, but consistency seems like one of the more coachable things. Sure, it's up to the pitcher to perform the mechanics the coach has taught; but with enough pupils you get an idea of whether the coach is effective or not. I just look at the Cardinals and their repeated ability to find gems outside of the top-20 draft picks, and question whether the key is actually the "find" step that they do so much better than everyone else, or if it's getting the potential out of what they do pick.
    Wacha and Miller were slot 19 in the first round. Garcia was out of hs taken late in the draft. I am only guessing but he may have told scouts he was going to college. The Cards convinced him otherwise and the rest is history. There are a lot of one year very successful pitchers on the Cardinals this year. Time will tell if it is sustainable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kab21 View Post
    It has really been an incredible year for rookies and other almost rookies. Harvey was awesome (sadly), Fernandez, Wacha, Miller, Cole and probably a couple of others to watch next season like Gray, Cingrani and Alex Wood.
    You left out my favorite - Julio Teheran.
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    Friday shall prove to be interesting as this will be the second time the Dodgers see Wacha. He really did not start that many games so batters are not that familiar with him. What he does is very good, but I don't know if it will stand up over time. Baseball is that way. Hole in one's game will get exposed over time.
    To AshburyJohn. The GM of the Cards has been involved in scouting then GM for quite some time. Micro analysis of the game which should predate sabr, gives you ideas on what you think will work. You see what works when it is working in your home field and you go from there. For the Cards they focus on fastball.
    How Shelby Miller was available as a 19th position in the round pick rather than earlier , Baseball Prospectus | Future Shock: Scouting Report: Shelby Miller
    Sometimes it is not really a find in the later rounds rather it is determination by the drafting club. The slot system in place now changes that somewhat.

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    Miller was a top ten talent and he fell due to signability. The Cardinals simply were the team that made the choice to go way overslot to get him. That isn't really a scouting find but rather a popular strategy employed by 8-10 teams. Unfortunately the Twins avoided that strategy for the most part.

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