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Thread: Would you welcome Punto back?

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    Sure I would welcome him back. Nothing against him. He works hard and plays hard every day.

    However, I would be very disappointed in the Twins decision. It would only serve to block any long term progress.

    We need to find out this year is Dozier is a solution at SS. We can't find that out without him getting significant major league time this year. With Punto on the roster, it will only delay his debut. I don't know if Dozier is a major league solution. Reports and data suggest he might be. I do know that neither Carroll or Punto are a long term solution.

    The Twins are realistically pegged for an over/under of 74 wins this year. This is the year to invest at bats in Dozier, Parmelee and Benson and see if there are signs of hope with them. I hope to see them by June 1. If the Twins were projected around 88 wins, the decision would be different.

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    Interesting to see projected lineups for 2014 and beyond and realize almost none of the players on the team are from the group we've come to know and love throughout the second half of the first decade of this millenium. That was one of the first thoughts I had when Mauer signed his long extension, that he'd have to play through a complete retooling of the lineup within the confines of that contract. So, to the point, bringing back Punto takes us back to point A and doesn't get us to point B. With that said, it was strange to watch him playing that "scrappy" brand of ball for the Cardinals in the WS last fall.

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