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Thread: Twins based fantasy baseball game.

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    Twins based fantasy baseball game.

    Hi Twins fans!

    I'm actually a die-hard Royals fan living in Kansas City and I LOVE baseball in general.

    I want to be respectful of your message board, but thought this would be the best way to share our new creation. My friends and I have found a way to let baseball fans of all 30 teams (including the Twins) compete against each other by predicting which players on your favorite team will get hits, runs, etc. for each game, and then keep a running leaderboard of all players throughout the season. We're hosting this game, absolutely free, on our website: gameballmvp.com

    We'd like to get users from all 30 teams playing and providing feedback. Come check out the Twins game and let us know what you think! Thanks!


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    I think I'm going to give this a shot, although I wonder about how easy it might be to "game" it by just playing the averages - i.e., rather than sitting down and thinking "hmm, will Jamey Carroll's matchup against pitcher X, who is x-handed, and has .xxx career stats against Carroll at home result in many hits today?" wouldn't it be easier to just pick Mauer every time because he's pretty much a hit machine?

    Over the course of the year, I wonder if (/doubt that) anyone has enough knowledge to overcome the odds in this way.

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    Quote Originally Posted by john0501 View Post
    I want to be respectful of your message board, but thought this would be the best way to share our new creation.
    Share away and good luck.

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    We've actually put a lot of thought into that. I didn't want to get detailed in my initial post, but we've doubled the points given if you pick a player batting in the 7th, 8th, or 9th spot. So yes, Mauer is a hit machine and if you select him to get a hit, he will earn you one point for each hit. But is he TWICE as likely to get a hit as your number seven hitter (I apologize for not knowing your roster well enough to know who typically bats 7th).

    When I play the Royals game, I would wait and set my predictions until after the lineup was announced...any time that Salvador Perez hit 7th, he was an automatic HIT pick for me. Otherwise I would give it to Butler or Gordon (when he hit leadoff). However, Butler also lead the Royals for RBI and HR...and you can only pick a player for one category.

    There is more strategy involved than you might think...and I could spend a lot of time discussing it. But again, my intent is not to overstep my bounds an bombard your board but simply extend the invite. I have to find a way to let fans of the other 28 teams know about this, but I wanted to extend the invite to Twins fans first. In my experience, you are some of the most knowledgable fans and could most likely appreciate the strategy of the game. And judging by this first reply to my message, I was spot on.
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    I forgot to mention that we hooked this game up for Spring Training games too, so you actually play it now. I played the Twins game last night, and did terribly. The MVP award went to...Jonathan Goncalves???? Who is that? I scored a big ZERO in my own game. I can't wait until Opening Day so I recognize all the players!

    I did get a couple Red Sox fans to play the Red Sox game...and I beat them both thanks to some timely hitting from Cody Ross in the 7th slot.

    Looking forward to playing against some of you Twins fans!

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    I created a group for Twins fans (GameballMVP). Hoping this will heighten the game experience for those who play!

    Looking forward to a big year. Go Twins!

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    Thank you Twins Daily readers! A handful of you signed up to play the first official Twins GameballMVP game yesterday. And congratulations to team mcdevvit for topping the leaderboard after the first game thanks to some inspired picks including Joe Mauer as the MVP and picking Parmelee for the BB stat (picking up double points along the way). That was fun...I hope to see more of you playing soon!

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