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Thread: Mauer in Two-Hole

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10PagesOfClearBlueSky View Post
    Careful, I think Bonnes and Glunn probably now watch any thread I participate in like Kestrel Hawks spying wayward Minneapolis moths.

    And Hey.... Mauer's got pretty decent SPEED....

    Speaking of local bird species: If Mauer batting 2nd helps lead to the type of offensive production foreseen by the wise sages on this board, I will happily be requesting their best recipes for the preparation and consumption of crow.
    You don't think having your 3/4/5 hitters now bat 2/3/4 is going to make a difference in the long run? Isn't it progressive forward thinking?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CDog View Post
    Ashburyjohn had asked a question (although possibly rhetorically)
    When I am not making p**p jokes or d*ck jokes, I am a very subtle writer.

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