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Thread: Article: Position Analysis: Relief Pitcher

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    Quote Originally Posted by thrylos98 View Post
    Alright. Here is a question for you (trivia) :

    Name the year the Twins had their best ST record as a team.

    Then re-think while ST matters or not.
    2002 Orioles went 20-9 in spring training and went 67-95 for the season.
    1999 KC team went 22-9 and finished the season 64-97.
    87 Twins went 21-10
    So yes and no that spring training matters. a good record could mean your second line players are playing well trying to get a job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThePuck View Post
    Of the options available, who would you have selected?

    Oh and he was better the last two months than he was before that...better at end of the season than the beginning. His 'decent start' consisted of an ERA over 8 in June and over 7.00 in July...his pathetic times consisted of ERA in the mid 3.00s
    His decent start consisted of one game against the White Sox when he struck out the side. Agree he was bad the rest of June. If you want to hang on to a situational pitcher whose best month's were at an 3.68 ERA you can have him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Highabove View Post
    Last October, Ryan stated that the Bullpen was his second highest priority.
    He didn't address his first priority either. I take anything Ryan says with a grain of salt.

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