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Thread: Jim Bowden: Twins will trade Justin Morneau

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    Don't we all agree that we really have to revamp our minor league system. I don't get excited about MLB drafts very often, but we need a lot of help. If we were able to trade Morneau, which I think goes out on a limb, with a lot of what ifs on his performance, I think this would be the best time to do it, even though Morneau is my favorite Twins player since Radke left. I love Morneau, I hope he recovers, I hope the Twins are in the race this year, but on the flip side, to ensure we have good teams in the future we need help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by righty8383 View Post
    you don't trade productive postition players for releivers...EVER!
    You don't trade CHEAP, productive position players for relievers. The going rate for Morneau + Morneau's contract is in the neighborhood of zero right now, so if the Twins get a positive return of any kind they have to at least consider it. Morneau isn't cheap and hasn't been productive for a year and a half now.

    That said, his lack of production is explainable and possibly reversible, if he stays healthy. If that happens, the Twin could contend. If Morneau is healthy and the Twins are 15 out in July, it might be time to see what we can get. For now, the best move is to keep him and roll the dice.

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    Not to state the obvious here, but if Morneau is productive and healthy, the odds of the Twins being sellers at the deadline is incredibly low. Likewise, it isn't as if he'd be blocking someone else either.

    And I would most certainly NOT trade him for a reliever. If by chance we are out of it and he's a hot commodity, getting a couple of top arms would be a must.

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