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Thread: Adopt a Prospect 2013 (Phase 2) Coming Friday

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    Adopt a Prospect 2013 (Phase 2) Coming Friday

    At Twins Daily, we believe that the Minnesota Twins minor leaguers deserve to be recognized. The success of Adopt-a-Prospect is evident. It provides a place on the internet where minor leaguers can be recognized for their achievement. Last week, 41 Twins minor leaguers were “Adopted” and you can learn more about them here. Starting at 9:00 a.m. central time on Friday, April 26, more players can be adopted.

    For the first time, we are going to do a second round of Adopt-A-Prospect. We will allow people to adopt a second player. The other rules remain the same. Start a new thread with the player’s name, and in the first post, tell us all about your player. Brag up your players.

    It should be a lot of fun to “adopt” some of the lesser-known minor leaguers and learn all about them and be able to share that with Twins Daily readers. Be sure to check out the other rules below, and if you feel that you can meet the requirements, please stop by on Friday and adopt-a-prospect.

    Take a look at who has already been drafted below. Then check out the Twins Daily Rosters & Payroll list for the minor league rosters and decide who you would like to learn more about. Then, down below in the Comments, after I’ve kicked of Adopt-a-Prospect 2 on Friday morning, post your adoption!

    Kernels NoNo.jpg

    Adopted Players in Phase I (these players are not eligible):

    Alex Meyer - markos
    Mark Sobolewski - 5kfan
    Hudson Boyd - whanson16
    James Beresford - SDBuhr
    Trevor May - Qirko
    Levi Michael - siouxjv
    Niko Goodrum - MarcusE
    Oswaldo Arcia - Anorthagen
    Jason Wheeler - MWLFan
    Eddie Rosario - Mr. Ed
    Jose Berrios - righty8383
    Dalton Hicks - nicksaviking
    Mason Melotakis - stringer bell
    Chris Herrmann - Shane Wahl
    Kyle Gibson - Joe A. Preusser
    AJ Pettersen - Pogue Bear
    Miguel Sano - mntwinsforever
    Max Kepler - Sssuperdave
    Joe Benson - ashburyjohn
    Travis Harrison - 2wins87
    Tyler Duffey - chance
    Chris Colabello - jay
    Byron Buxton - YourHouseIsMyHouse
    Danny Santana - chuchadoro
    Kyle Knudson - sbknudson
    Jorge Polanco - gunnarthor
    Luis Perdomo - PeanutsfromHeaven
    German Minier - AM.
    Felix Jorge - badsmerf
    Angel Morales - tw1ns1
    Brett Lee - DAM DC Twins Fans
    Caleb Thielbar - goulik
    Drew Leachman - rcfarmer
    Zack Jones - MNFan4Life
    Nate Hanson - Mr. Horrorpants
    Tim Shibuya - Mike in SD
    Adam Walker - TRex
    Angel Morales - cmathewson
    Michael Tonkin - WatchThatBaseballSoar
    DJ Baxendale - Matt VS
    Josmil Pinto - Keenan

    Rules of Adopt-A-Prospect:

    1) Twins Daily members can only ‘adopt’ ONE prospect at this time, in Adopt-a-Prospect 2. Each Twins prospect can only be adopted once. It will be first-come, first-serve in a new thread here that will be opened at 9:00 a.m. CST on Friday morning. (We will have another Adopt-a-Prospect after the Draft where you could draft a third prospect.)

    2) Once you have confirmed that you have that player, you can post a thread. The title of the thread you start should just be that player's name. First post must be an introduction of the player. The format of the post is up to the individual, but please be sure to get all the important information needed on the player. For Example, Name, Position, Handedness, Drafted/Signed/Acquired (out of where/what round), Previous Stats, etc. Feel free to make it as detailed as you want. (There are a lot of websites you could link to such as their Baseball-Reference, The Baseball Cube, First Inning, Fan Graphs, MiLB.com, affiliate’s websites, etc.)

    3) After the initial post (and throughout the season), you MUST update the thread AT LEAST once every week. If you fail to do this, the prospect can be taken away from you. [If a player is inactive due to injury or suspension, this requirement is waived as appropriate.]

    If you would like to update more often, please feel free. Updates should, at least, include Year-To-Date numbers for the player. The more information given, however, the better. Brag up your prospect!

    4) Any major event (i.e. Promotion/Demotion/Trade/Perfect Game/4 HRs in one game...) must be reflected in the thread within a day of the event. Failure to update for this purpose may result in losing your adoptee.

    5) Threads will be closed one week after a prospect has been traded out of the organization. However, if the player is traded back to the Twins (for some reason), the member who had the prospect will have the option to regain the prospect.

    6) If a player is placed on the 25-man roster, this is wonderful news and you can continue that player’s thread. Reward for your player getting to the big leagues is that you can adopt a second prospect at that point. Even if the first player is eventually sent back to the minor leagues, you can maintain both prospect threads.

    7) All other rules which are enforced on the main board will be enforced here.

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    If you have any questions, please let me know...

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