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Thread: Scott Baker to the DL

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    Scott Baker to the DL

    According to this article by John Shipley, despite a very positive outing in a AAA game today against the Red Sox, Scott Baker was immediately put on the Disabled List.

    This means that the likely Twins rotation will include Liam Hendriks.

    Assumed rotation:

    Opening Night @ Baltimore - Carl Pavano
    Satrday @ Baltimore - Francisco Liriano
    Sunday @ Baltimore - Liam Hendriks

    Monday @ Target Field - Nick Blackburn.

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    Works fine Then Tuesday off, Pavano on Wed, Liriano on Thursday, Hendriks or Marquis on Friday in Texas , Blackburn on Saturday and Baker on Sunday April 15 It works And Baker could slide in a couple days earlier if ready since he can come off DL on the 12th. Marquis could be back by then as well and they just need one start from Hendriks
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    What if Hendriks is amazing in the couple starts he could get with the team? Will it be tough to send him down? They probably will still do it but it is something to think about.

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    Burnett goes first no matter what. If Hendriks does great, it will be a tough call when Baker is back.
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    Realistically, how long will it take Marquis to get back in pitching shape once he returns to baseball. I realize that it has been reported that he has continued to throw, but common sense would say he is currently weeks away from being able to throw in a game.

    I have been through similar things in my life and honestly everything shuts down. I can imagine he life has turned into eating sleeping and sitting next to a hospital bed. Even if he does get away from the hospital occasionally, that is not exactly ideal preparation for facing major league hitters. Is he just throwing to a relative in a local park?

    I think we could see Liam Hendriks for an extended period of time. I would not be surprised to see Marquis pitch two to three weeks some where prior to joining the Twins. Add this to the fact that I don't think anyone is going to be in a hurry to rush him back.

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