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Thread: Low Minors - Who should I track?

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    Low Minors - Who should I track?

    DSL, GCL, and E-Ton

    I like to look at the box scores from every level each night and I am familiar enough with the Twins top 20-30 prospects that I know who to look for at Rochester, New Britain, Fort Myers, and Cedar Rapids (although maybe not as much now with the recent promotions from CR), but when it comes to the low minors I could use a little help.

    Other than Minier, Stewart, and Eades I am fairly clueless.

    Could someone give me, say, the top 5 hitters and top 3 pitchers to keep an eye out for at each level?

    Thanks in Advance

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    Hitters I'm a little clueless on but once Lewin Diaz and Ruar Verkerk start playing (they were just signed internationally), they should be watched. Also, Brian Navretto, Stuart Turner, and Zach Larson are all supposed to be solid offensively.

    Pitchers: there are lots but specifically there are five other than Eades and Stewart. Randy Rosario, Yorman Landa, Lewis Thorpe, Stephen Gonsvalves, and Felix Jorge. The young pitching is solid in the low minors!

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    Javier Pimentel was another $500,000+ international signing a few years ago and he is currently at Elizabethton. He hasn't put up much in the way of numbers yet but when he signed he ranked in the 10-20 range for international prospects and was known for his bat.

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    Two Teenage position Players are pretty interesting
    Zach Larson who is almost 20 is having a really good year for the GCL Twins. He is young and showed adjustments from last year. Currently he is sporting a 1.02 OPS.
    Hopefully he gets sent up to E-town in the near Future.

    Jorge Fernandez – 19 Years old, from Puerto Rico. 7th Round Draft Pick in 2012. 6' 3" 188 lbs. The main reason I am following him closely is because of the success the Twins have had with Puerto Rican prospects. Also at the GCL.

    As mentioned above, pitchers are the strength. Hopefully a few of these guys turn out:
    Kuo Hua Lo– 20
    Sam Gibbons – 19
    Lewis Thorpe – 17
    Yorman Landa – 19
    Austin Malinowski – 20
    Randy Rosario –19
    Felix Jorge - 19
    Kohl Stewart - 18
    Stephen Gonsalves - 19 (just turned)
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    In the DSL the biggest signings from last year are Rainis Silva ($175,000), a supposedly defensively oriented catcher who's holding his own with the bat. Johan Quezada ($150,000), a 6'6", 18-year-old pitcher who so far hasn't been good. And Antonio Tovar ($100,000), and outfielder with a big frame who also hasn't been good so far.

    Two guys that I know nothing about that have been good so far are Alexis Tapia, a RHP, and Frank Encarnacion, an outfielder. Both are 17 years old.

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    Beyond the usual suspects I would take and occasional look at Aderlin Mejia. He is having a nice year at ft. myers and before this year I don't remember seeing him on any prospect charts. He does not have power but his avg is 330+ and OBP is 390 in 56 games. He is playing primarily SS but has games at a few other positions. He has only 2 errors but I don't know if his arm is for real. Any glimmer of hope for a future SS is nice.

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