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Thread: Article: View From Kernels Games - Kepler, Goodrum, Walker, Boyd, Mauer

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    Article: View From Kernels Games - Kepler, Goodrum, Walker, Boyd, Mauer

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    Cool article. Thx

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    Statistically Boyd is having a disappointing season. I've been hoping he could step up this year but he is still scuffling. Probably should repeat at CR next year

    What did you think of Melatokis's delivery?
    When they drafted him reports I have read said it was "high effort" and they tagged him as a fast rising Bullpen guy.
    But Twins have kept him starting and have been wondering if he'll break down.

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    Love these first hand articles. I wish the Twins would put their rookie team in Boise so I could do the same.

    Any observations on Polanco?

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    Nice to see some firsthand observations!

    I will note however, that Goodrum is never going to grow into his body. He is what he is. I know quite a bit about his body type since it's the same as mine. I'm 6'3", 160 Lbs, very similar to him, skinny and lanky, long levers. I can't put any extra pounds on my body to save my life, even though I've tried very hard to do so and my height says I should be able to accommodate much more. He's the same way. I've been to every Spring Training since he's been drafted and he hasn't added anything significant in that time so there's little reason to believe he will.

    In comparison, Kepler has changed a lot in that same time-frame (both began their careers in 2010). Much more muscle and bulk on him than when he first started. I think he's going to move to 1B when it's all said and done, and in actuality, has only played 1 less game at 1B than in the OF for Cedar Rapids this year.

    To clutterheart: Melotakis has a very "stiff" delivery, I describe it as robotic. Doesn't look smooth at all, but he can crank up some heat in small doses.

    As a sidenote, I don't mind trying to move some of these RP-guys to the rotation, whether if its to see if they can stick or to work more on their pitches that need it, but at the same time I think they could do a much better job of identifying the guys who actually have a chance to stick and need that work, and only do it with them. Tyler Duffey was a good choice for that, but I would say Melotakis never had a chance and in some systems might already be in the majors as a reliever.

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